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OPINION | Reasoning an APRC/NPP Alliance

By Philip Saine (Contributing Author) On Thursday 2 nd  September, 2021 the National People’s Party  (NPP)  and the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction  (APRC)  formed an alliance that seems not to be a popular initiative. The People Progressive Party  (PPP)  leader also said his party has no problem with the alliance, arguing that in the 2017 National Assembly and Council elections, the PPP put up candidates throughout the country, half of whom were APRC supporters. Whilst there is little or no objection for a merger between political masses this particular one is unpopular for a number of reasons. Firstly, the alliance potentially could undermine the report of the TRRC; the objective is principally for party interest rather than of national interest. Secondly, the merger is likely to try to absolve ex-President Yahya Jammeh from legal responsibility for his actions whilst in office. Another objective for the alliance could be to enhance Barrow’s victory on the Decem