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COLUMN | Tambadu Bows Out: A Safe Pair of Hands or a Mis-sell?

  By Pa Louis Sambou    I am sure very few would have predicted such high-profile resignation this close into election year.  Given the circumstances surrounding the myriad of ‘pies’ under the custodianship of Ba Tambadu’s brief, I doubt his resignation would have conferred any favours to the health of such matters. The same can certainly not be said of our ‘Bus driver’; it’s often said that assumptions are the mothers of all cockups but, with this one, it’s a safe bet - one can safely assume that the resignation was one which President Adama Barrow received with incandescent joy. One gets the impression that Ba Tambadu isn’t really signed up to the  lousy white horse  stuff or, if he is, he’s probably an NPP ‘heretic’ so, I doubt his resignation is in any way a blow to President Barrow personally, politically or at all as some commentators opined. A fair assessment of the short but colourful time in office of Ba Tambadu as Attorney General is one which must take into account not just