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ChildCare Gambia warms against street begging

                                    By Sheriff Saidykhan  ChildCare Gambia, a non-profit organisation aimed at confronting child abuse has warned against street begging of children in the country.  ChildCare Gambia, joins the rest of the world marking International Street Children's day. The day is set aside annually to amplify the voices of street children, and to protect their rights.  In her Facebook message posted yesterday Sainabou Chaw, the Executive Director of ChildCare Gambia said children begging off the street leads them to many explorations. “Many children often faces anxiety and trauma which may lead them to substantial abuse and suicide. This is a duty of societal exclusion and trauma which affects their mental health. Kids are not meant to be in the street. Sending them on the street will expose them to danger,” she posited. She further called on the government of The Gambia, and other stakeholders to protect the rights of the children. “I am calling on the governmen

April 10/11 victims: Victim-Led Organisations Frowns On The Slow Motion Of Justice

  By Sheriff Saidykhan Victim-Led Organisations in partnership with Civil Society Organisations of The Gambia, have frowned on the slow motion of justice, for victims of April 10/11 student demonstrations. Marking the 23rd anniversary of the April 10th and 11th student demonstrations, the Victim-Led Organisations and its partners said in a statement.  “For more than two decades now, Victims and their families continue to be ignored and sidelined by the government of The Gambia, making it extremely difficult to seek for justice. Until today victims of April 10th and 11th 2000 are still not given the due consideration they deserved,” the statement said. April 10/11 2000, is a day set aside to remember students who were killed, tortured, maimed and rape during a peaceful demonstration under the leadership of former President Yayha Jammeh. “This was the day that the former government under the leadership of Yahya Jammeh, ordered the unlawful shooting of students, who were merely protesting

GTBank Customers Lament Frustration Over Long Ques, Others

By SHERIFF SAIDYKHAN  Customers of the Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB), one of the commercial banks in the country have lamented their growing frustrations over the long ques and poor banking service at the various branches of the  bank. An anonymous source said he stopped banking with GTBank, due to the poor service delivery. This he said, has compelled him to switched doing banking transactions with GT Bank.  Anna Sambou, a customer of the bank highlighted the lack of customer friendly service, which she said is difficult to make banking transactions.  “At times it is very difficult to make transactions there, because some of the tellers are not friendly. Sometimes they talk freely to customers,”  she argued. Lamin F. Fatty, a regular customer of the bank queried on the slow motion of effective service. He also complained about the long que of customers, especially during the beginning and the end of the month.  “Banking with GT Bank is one of the boring things, because they have many cus

Gambian-U.S. based criminologist urges new paradigm shift in security operations

      By Sheriff Saidykhan The Gambian-U.S based criminologist has said that, there is need for a new paradigm shift of security operations in the country. Modou Lamin Faye, a specialist on Law enforcement and national security matters said his initiative is poised to support the Police and The Gambia Armed Forces, with modern security tools and equipments. In an interview with The Outpost Media Mr. Faye highlightedw the significance of the initiative, saying it will help ease the burden of security operations in the country.  He further called the government of President Adama Barrow to support the initiative, in order to enhance the security sector of the country.  He said his initiative has developed a “tactical playbook” to better prepare the security forces in their modus operandi during protests.      “With a tactical playbook in place, the controversy or misunderstanding of the excessive use of force that occurs between the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) and the public during ri