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State varsity student’s union President decries over inadequate facilities, others

       By Sheriff Saidykhan Kemo Conteh,  President of the University of the  Gambia student’s union has decried over the growing inadequate facilities at the University. He made these remarks in an interview with The Outpost Media on  Monday June 19, 2023. Limited space to accommodate student's he said, has been one of the main challenges facing student's at the University.  “There are limited space to accommodate the overwhelming number of student's. Many of our classes are over-crowded, not conducive and not stimulating for learning at all.  It is suicidal and fatal to squeeze hundreds of student's in classes that are meant to accommodate only fifty student's. The focus of the University management is not to commensurate or proportionate intakes with the existing space, but enrolling more than the existing space can accommodate, which is as a results of their thirst for more money from tuition fees, without respecting the rights of student's,” he lamented.  H

Lare Sisay To Government: Do Not Weaponise State Institutions Against Critics

  By Sheriff Saidykhan Lare Sisay, retired Senior Manager at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a leading voice of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), has criticised President Adama Barrow for his continues weaponisation of the state institutions against the opposition voices in the country.  He made these remarks on Tuesday 13, June 2023 at the West Coast Radio popular Coffee Time show with Peters Gomez.  In his own words: “The recent example is a UDP MP who filed a case in Bundung against a lady who was insulting , using a tribal carte to pit Mandinka and Jolas against one another. He went to the police station and filed the case.  The station commander got a called from upstairs, and according to him, the station officer called him in his office  and said I can't do anything about this because upstairs called to say let her go. So this is a weaponisation of the police. And of course the issue of arresting opponents. Momodou Sabally was arrested  a

Industrial Action: Migration activist threatens for more protest

By Sheriff Saidykhan Yahya Sonko, rights activist of Gambian migrants based in Germany has threatened for more protest, against the mass deportation of Gambian migrants living in various European countries.  “We are planning to demonstrate in The Gambia, and equally we are looking for other options to continue the demonstration in other cities in Germany. Discussions are currently going on in Gambia. We requested a permit  for demonstration. It was rejected two times, and we are requesting again. We are planning for another demonstration in Bremen and other big cities within Germany and in Italy too,” he vowed.   In an interview with The Outpost Media, he said 35 Gambian migrants are set to be deported from various EU countries, on the 20th June, 2023. “Another 35 Gambians will be coming home through a chartered flight on the 20th June 2023. This year alone EU prepared to send nine deportation flights to Gambia. The 20th June will make it the third flight, so six more flights to go,&qu

Editorial | Feminism: The Difficult Old Struggle For Equity

  Editorial  The women’s liberation movement started 200 years ago, shaping and amplifying their voices to govern themselves. The reverse coin of their struggle, rights holders of the feminism movement push for bitter resistance towards addressing their needs and aspirations. During the traditional period, it was the duty of the man to carry out tasks outside the home, while women carried out domesticity within the home. With the advent of the industrial period, new rules were created intended to break the natural order. New jobs came into existence that was plausibly suited for women. There is numerous proliferation of women camps in the country, demanding equal footing with men. The first noteworthy book to demand equal rights for women was published in London in 1792. Authored by Mary Wollstonecraft, entitled, “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.” The book epitomizes the need for equal terms with men. English Orientalist, Edward William Lane, published a book in London in 1843. In

Media Concern: GPU Still Concern About Safety of Journalists

   By Sheriff Saidykhan The President of Gambia Press Union (GPU) Muhammed S Bah, has said that the union is still concerned about the safety and security of journalists in the country.  The recent assaults on two Gambian Journalists, whilst on duty covering the swearing-in ceremony of the  Mayor and Councillors of the Banjul City Council sparked condemnation from the Union. The two Journalists Malick B Cham of Jamano media, and Pa Ousman Joof of Gambia Talents TV (GTTV) alleged that the perpetrators are supporters of the ruling National People's Party.   The Union President Muhammed S Bah, condemned the assault  saying “The GPU condemns the attacks  on two journalists in the strongest terms and its dismayed by the unfortunate and never ending trend of journalists being assaulted by political party supporters or at political agents with impunity,” said Muhammed S Bah.  So far the Press Union has recorded 15 assault cases of Journalists, from 2017-2022 and still no single case has b