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Analysis | Views on The Government White Paper Regarding the TRRC Recommendations

  By Pa Louis Sambou Having gone through the White Paper, I cannot help but say that our transitional justice journey may not have been so chaotic and rocky had we had A-G Dawda Jallow in place from day one. I do however have a few  concerns  and  observations regarding aspects of the White Paper  ( considering  other public commentary I have come across):   My Concerns   1) Rejection of Recommendations Regarding NIA D.G Sowe : the reason advanced for rejecting recommendations regarding him is that his “ tampering ” of the evidence occurred on dates which are not within the TRRC’s mandate. (Like most things under the previous A-G, the TRRC Act was narrowly consulted on and poorly drafted — but upon discovery of the tampering, the TRRC ought to have liaised with the A-G to explore an appropriate amendment of the Act so that it brings into its remit, all unlawful conduct and omission which sought to frustrate or undermine its mandate regardless of when they occurred.)   D.G Sowe’s conduc

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CIVIC EDUCATION | The Winners and Losers in The Draft Constitution - Facts over Myths

    By Pa Louis Sambou     Public and Civil Servants   1997 Constitution   More Info  Draft Constitution   More Info    Allowed  to have another job       Not Applicable    Not allowed  to have any other job       Draft Section 27(1)                        VERDICT  =                              LOSERS     Fundamental human rights      1997 Constitution   More info  Draft Constitution   More info    Courts  have no  discretion on the application of international human rights law when interpreting Constitution             Courts  have  option to disregard international human rights law when interpreting the Constitution     Permitted under draft section 10(3)      State  can only   restrict 5  fundamental rights     Right to Life   (section 18(1))      Right to Personal Liberty   (section 19(1))      Protection from Deprivation of Property   (section 22(2))      Freedom of Speech, Assembly Etc. (section 25(4))      Freedom of the Media, Press   (section 209)      State  can restrict 30