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  Beware of The Sinister Thief: Social Media Social media has transformed our way of life. While social media may offer some  benefits, research has shown that regular use of social media causes mental health  problems, addictions, lower attention spans, physical health problems, poor sleep  quality, relationship problems and more. However, the most harmful effect of social  media is on our hearts and our relationship with Allah _سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالٰى‎ Today, one of the biggest obstacles in our journey to Allah is social media and the  entertainment industry. Thus, before the month of Ramaḍān begins, it is vital that we  reassess our relationship with social media and reflect on its harms. Ramaḍān is the  month in which we should undertake a much needed ‘detox’. Psychologists are now  advocating ‘fasting from social media’. If we could do the same in this month for our  spiritual health, our Ramaḍān would truly be transformative. The following are some of the key harms of social media

Open Letter | Still keeping up pretences: An Open Letter to Mustapha Njie

Image: Dave Manneh By Dave Manneh and Abdoukarim Sanneh for The Brufut Land Restitution Secretariat    Mr Njie,             You gave a lecture on “conscience” - the other week. We learned about it late but hope you will accept our excuse for coming to the party a little late.    You are keeping up the pretences - we see.    Despite familiarity with the fairy-tale of the genesis of your wealth, we watched the “lecture” with an open mind. We had assumed with time your conscience and moral fibre would have been fortified - thus ennobling you to admit your errors and make amends.    You were in scintillating form - and captivated your impressionable audience - no doubt. You looked resplendent in that colourful and flowing Nyetti Abdu. The crown-like perching of the Aboki hat on your head added a certain symbolic paradox to your sartorial choice. Crowned emperor of [fill-in-the-gaps]! Perhaps?  The missing element was a griot ensemble - headed by a hallam player and backup women vocalists -

Opinion| Inspiring Youngstars General Secretary, Gave His Reaction To The Mysterious Death Of The 66+ Babies

    By Musa Saidykhan For almost 8 years in the medical school, I was taught anatomy, physiology, and even histology in the first years of my medical journey. These periods were geared toward understanding the basic human structure and the functions of organ composition.  In addition, we were only introduced to the pathology of the organ systems after we were given the rare opportunity to interact with the patients and discuss with them their sufferings and their symptoms, with the help of our seniors to appreciate the signs of the diseases as well.  Briefly, it wasn’t nothing but to “NOT TO DO HARM” to our patients, soon after we start studying disease pathology and management, it was an act that we learn and passionately study and present ourselves to acquire the best training  and be always available to alleviate the sufferings of those that come under our care, together with other health care providers.  Shockingly, we surprisingly observed, the system that was meant to protect, pr

Analysis | Views on The Government White Paper Regarding the TRRC Recommendations

  By Pa Louis Sambou Having gone through the White Paper, I cannot help but say that our transitional justice journey may not have been so chaotic and rocky had we had A-G Dawda Jallow in place from day one. I do however have a few  concerns  and  observations regarding aspects of the White Paper  ( considering  other public commentary I have come across):   My Concerns   1) Rejection of Recommendations Regarding NIA D.G Sowe : the reason advanced for rejecting recommendations regarding him is that his “ tampering ” of the evidence occurred on dates which are not within the TRRC’s mandate. (Like most things under the previous A-G, the TRRC Act was narrowly consulted on and poorly drafted — but upon discovery of the tampering, the TRRC ought to have liaised with the A-G to explore an appropriate amendment of the Act so that it brings into its remit, all unlawful conduct and omission which sought to frustrate or undermine its mandate regardless of when they occurred.)   D.G Sowe’s conduc

OPINION | Gambia: A Hub for Corruption

Author: Ebrima L. Dampha Our country, The Gambia, is trekking a route of an unimaginable quagmire! By Ebrima L. Dampha Mr. President,  Corruption has been part of social interaction since the beginning of humanity. People have always wheeled and dealed, given and taken, sought position, benefits, and privileges. Even in contemporary academic literature, it has been widely contested, especially in debates around New Public Management (NPM). However, in our country, it is a the new normal. - That is to say, people are proud to be corrupt, fearless of being reprimanded, and happy of being publicly finger-pointed as corrupt officials. Are we going to continue? If we do, then we are trekking a route of an unimaginable quagmire. Piling and sharing the nations land and resources, bribery, extortion, conflict of interest, public officials hiring one’s own company for government contracts, hiring unqualified friends or family members for government jobs, allocating contracts worth millions to c

OPINION | National Assembly Election Postmortem

D.A Jawo, Former Information Minister  By D. A. Jawo Gambians have spoken through their ballots by electing those they want to represent them in the National Assembly for the next five years. It had been an election full of anticipations as well as surprises. In view of President Adama Barrow's landslide victory in the last presidential elections, most members and supporters of his National People's Party (NPP) and indeed many other Gambians had anticipated that they were going to sweep clean the legislative elections and dominate the next National Assembly. However, even though they managed to scrape a slight majority, but obviously, President Barrow and his supporters are no doubt quite disappointed with the results. One would therefore wonder what had become of their acclaimed strategists who helped them win the presidential elections barely three months ago.  There is no doubt that the NPP hierarchy would meet to analyse the results and find out what went wrong.  Among the