Opinion | Democracy Wins A People's Victory

By Almamy Fanding Taal

The change we celebrate today in Senegal is 25 years in the making: the SOPE /ALTERNACE Project of President Wade is the source code for the constitutional reforms aka TERM LIMITS which started with dismantling the post colonial administrative State that was led by the Ecole Superiere elite. 

A Renaissance continued by President Macky Sall and the PASTEF Project should not outrightly disown this patrimony of Senegal. 

Now that the dust has settled the urgent question to ask within a pan African context is what  should African progressives propose with a view to addressing the crisis of legitimacy in the Sahel?

On the currency question the world is fast digitalizing with crypto currencies and blockchain technology but most importantly currencies are legal tender which is really a legal construct and the real values of which are directly correlated to the real economy.

Therefore the real question is how do we create employment opportunities for the people to create value for themselves?

Institutions matter most of all but the institutional designs must be smart enough to withstand the pressures politicians deploy whenever they think they can get away with it, 

Even without an Independent Electoral Commission the organization and conduct of the Senegalese  Presidential elections was seamless and transparent in-spite of the delay. Therefore the institutions of good governance must serve the people at all times.

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