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Encomium| Religious Scholar Pays Tribute To The Late Gambian Martyr

    “Solo Sandeng: The Tiger, the Leopard and the Jaguar” By SHEIKH HAMMA JAITEH -The wheel of Gambian history was rusted and halted when the indomitable Tiger was captured and imprisoned illegally by the forces of brutality! -His tragic but honourable heroic death is the spark which ignited the flames of revolutionary zeal and political veracity! -He is the catalyst for positive but non violent social and political changes and an accomplished fighter against corruption and depravity!   -Solo Sandeng is a paragon of virtue,an epitome of righteousness and an icon of revolutionary tenacity.   -The entire universe is paying homage to Solo Sandeng the Tiger of the jungle of justice and political rationality.  -History will forever present his gallantry and bravery to the present generation and will accurately narrate his peerless valour to posterity. -The imposing image of the  tiger will continue to inspire the good souls of our society but will be haunting the sinful souls of the wicked