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Encomium | Alpha Robinson pays tribute to late Hon Omar (O.J) Jallow

Late Hon Omar Amadou (O.J) Jallow  | Former NAWEC boss, Alpha Robinson’s solemn tribute to the late venerable Hon Omar (O.J) Jallow | By Alpha Robinson In memory of Honourable Omar Amadou Jallow, alias OJ, as I remember him. He contributed his quota! Sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. May he Rest In Peace in Janatul Firdaus. He spoke - a poem  He spoke when most were mute He said it as it was, standing on refute  He refused to bow when many froze in salute He spoke  He looked the devil in the eye without a flinch  They could not move him an inch A man wearing a demeanor without a switch Staring at death without a twitch  He spoke So Honourable you are rich While they scramble for earthly material riches Men and women in frantic pitching Yours truly found a niche In the corner of glorious loners by choice He spoke  You looked your tormentor in the eye and smiled  Yes, with a broken eye you looked and smiled To help heal broken hearts To help mend the broken man by a mile

Encomium| Religious Scholar Pays Tribute To The Late Gambian Martyr

    “Solo Sandeng: The Tiger, the Leopard and the Jaguar” By SHEIKH HAMMA JAITEH -The wheel of Gambian history was rusted and halted when the indomitable Tiger was captured and imprisoned illegally by the forces of brutality! -His tragic but honourable heroic death is the spark which ignited the flames of revolutionary zeal and political veracity! -He is the catalyst for positive but non violent social and political changes and an accomplished fighter against corruption and depravity!   -Solo Sandeng is a paragon of virtue,an epitome of righteousness and an icon of revolutionary tenacity.   -The entire universe is paying homage to Solo Sandeng the Tiger of the jungle of justice and political rationality.  -History will forever present his gallantry and bravery to the present generation and will accurately narrate his peerless valour to posterity. -The imposing image of the  tiger will continue to inspire the good souls of our society but will be haunting the sinful souls of the wicked