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Editorial | Feminism: The Difficult Old Struggle For Equity

  Editorial  The women’s liberation movement started 200 years ago, shaping and amplifying their voices to govern themselves. The reverse coin of their struggle, rights holders of the feminism movement push for bitter resistance towards addressing their needs and aspirations. During the traditional period, it was the duty of the man to carry out tasks outside the home, while women carried out domesticity within the home. With the advent of the industrial period, new rules were created intended to break the natural order. New jobs came into existence that was plausibly suited for women. There is numerous proliferation of women camps in the country, demanding equal footing with men. The first noteworthy book to demand equal rights for women was published in London in 1792. Authored by Mary Wollstonecraft, entitled, “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.” The book epitomizes the need for equal terms with men. English Orientalist, Edward William Lane, published a book in London in 1843. In

Editorial | Technophobia: The adverse effects of online social media

Editorial Since the advent of new media technologies; it has somewhat contributed significantly towards the advancement of shaping popular discourse.  There is rapid cognizance among concern citizens as a result of the influence of the new social media applications like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube among others. The influence has created an avenue for citizens to be abreast with daily happenings of the time. Thanks to the influence of the new social media,  the citizens as right holders are now holding the duty bearers both private and public sectors accountable to ensure that they work towards addressing their needs and aspirations.  In sharp contrast, it is well-nigh impossible to browse online nowadays without finding irrational discourse, hate speeches, cyber bullying, graphic nude pictures and videos in many online platforms.  The exploitive use of social media among teens has negatively impacted their lives and livelihoods, with their abiding impression of watc

Editorial | The Divorce Marriages: Time To Rethink

                   Editorial  Since the creation of mankind; marriage has been  an institution for two couples to foster unionism and be charitable towards one another. Ordained in all the major religious doctrines; marriage is also a way of worship. Over the past years and now, the staggering number of divorce marriages has thus sparked a nationwide debate across different social strata. Series of counter-discursive strategies  have been tabled by many Islamic Jurists towards addressing the issue, but all their concerted efforts remains unanswered at the borders of inquiry.  There is need for a new paradigm shift towards mitigating the crisis.  Islamic Jurists has much in their archives; to educate the masses and draw a distinction between the past and present.  Many of these divorce  marriages are left without any supported  evidence. Many held the view that marriage counselling is still needed to root out this growing trend.  Many young people enters into marriage without  having an

Editorial |The Net Benefits of Coffee

   | Survey Shows The Health Benefits of Coffee Editorial    In recent times, many held a customary  viewpoint that caffeinated coffee has for the past decades contributed to pneumonia, and many allied health problems. Scientific researchers have linked many health benefits of drinking caffeinated coffee.   Peter Rogers, at the University of Bristol in United kingdom (UK) says “people who consume coffee may simply have better underlying health than people who choose not to”.  Marc Gunter, head of nutrition and metabolism at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published a research in 2017 on drinking habits of coffee.  His observational findings indicates that those who drink more coffee had a lower risk of dying from heart disease and  cancer, compared to people who didn’t take coffee at all.  Coffee consumers have longer protective health than none coffee consumers. Also, coffee has a significant connection to cognitive alertness.  Research has also shown that, thos