Editorial | Generation z is losing the ability to listen


The life mantra of yesteryear generation was/is the ability to listen to one another for the self-actualization of one's potential and progress.

The existential threats facing the society today, is multifactorial; including organized crimes, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, gender equality violence and the dis-oriented youths - for those watching further away has been a great concern.

Many sociologists have tried efforts to set down theories underlying the problems, and the need for a more participative societal- problem solving, but all their efforts are still unanswered at the borders of inquiry.

In recent times, we've seen the spike of organized crimes, and the scarcity of KUSH in the country. The causes of this drug is quite unabated, as it is killing and still destroying the minds of the youngsters.

Some people posited that, the suitable way to combat organized crimes, there's a need to bring crime to the criminals. 

The abiding impression of these youngsters to smoking KUSH is quite unthinkable. Some of these youngsters are semi literate, but society made them believe in artificial unreliaties

To resolve this trend, there's a need to secure the transnational borders to combat the free flow of KUSH in the country.

The government also needs to employ greater strategies, coupled with the incorporation of traditional methods for the proper orientation of these youngsters, to enable them to contribute their immense quotas for the socio-economic development of the country.

Teenage pregnancies, gender equality and divorce rates have added to the unwitting problems in the society. Feminist writers are irrationally pushing their advocacy to bridge the ‘them and us’ gap into equal footings.

They are trying efforts to weaponise many career women not to be fully subservient to men in marriages.

An ideal wife is not measured by her intelligence, but her willingness to listen, and to be charitable to the partner. Feminist writers need to move their camera of advocacy, to heal the material, spiritual and social problems facing women in marriages. I doubt, if this approach is not taken, mistresses will continue to proliferate in society. 

If all these problems are left unchecked, then the powers that be; is losing the ability to listen and mitigate these growing problems for the greater good of society.


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