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Opinion | The ‘Veil’ Issue in The Gambia

| Community Leader, Philip Saine sheds light on ongoing ‘veil’ issue, urges vigilance against extremist ideologies packaged as something else | By Phillip Saine The Veil Civil Suit in the Gambia initiated by  ‘Concerning Citizens’  came as a surprise to many but never-the-less does not surprise many Gambians   who are versed with their  disturbing  agenda . At this stage of Gambia development, it would have been thought that  ‘Concerning Citizens’ , rather than striving for the wearing of veils at schools, they should have spent time and energy to upgrade standards of education, provision of appropriate school learning materials, device ways to improve on school transportation, improving on school performance and examination results. These would have been most ideal tenants for contest for an honest and concerned citizen. It is apparent that the veil issue harmonizes well with the attempt to pursue the ‘Islamic State’ agenda started under Ex-President Jammeh, and his invitation of the

History| Jihad Of The Pen: Inside Sheick Amadou Bamba’s Legacy

  By Sheriff Saidykhan   Educator, Philosopher, Revolutionary, Sheick Amadou Bamba was/is regarded as one of the founding pioneers of Islam in West Africa. His times and era were during the period when modernity, and race for wealth was beginning to impinge on the lives of Muslims by the French in Senegal, West Africa.  Revered by many as one of the greatest Saint's in Africa. He was born in 1853 in the village of Mbackè Baol. His parents; Morr Anta Sall and Mam Jarra Busso were all Islamic scholars. Mamine Mahram Mbackè, his grandfather was the founder of Mbackè. His father was a Qadi and also a Fiqh adviser.  He is widely credited for establishing a linked with the Muslims in southern Mauritania.  His mother, who taught him the early education of Islamic knowledge, also played an important role by exposing and teaching him the thematic areas of “Nahw”Arabic grammar, “Sarf” morphology and “Balàgha” rhetoric.  Plus telling him the stories of the Prophets.  His umcle Muhammed Bu