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Column | Does a coup in Niger present an emergency which merits the threat of military action by ECOWAS?

| The threat of military action in Niger by ECOWAS, and the role which The Gambia must play as a member state |   By Pa Louis Sambou   I t is certainly neither an inaccuracy nor an exaggeration to state that the Western part of the African continent which is officially known as West Africa, has had, and still experience crises which by any measure, are of far greater magnitude and scope than a coup in the Republic of Niger. Boko Haram terrorists kidnapping innocent schoolgirls, ISIS – inspired jihadist terrorising communities and conquering swathes of territory in the Sahel regions of West Africa, Alpha Condé, Alasan Outtara, corrupting their republican Constitutions, and Mackey Sall corrupting Senegalese democracy to prolong their respective times in office but to name a few of the crises which faced and still face the region, albeit without any serious response from the regional bloc, ECOWAS. However, ECOWAS officialdom wish to have us believe that a bloodless mutiny in Niger which e

Analysis | Kanifing Mayoral Race: All You Need To Know About The Candidates?

  Photo Credit: IEC By AMO MANNEH     The people of Kanifing Municipality (KMC) will head to the polls in about 19 days to elect the mayor who will run the administrative affairs of the municipal council for the next five year term.   As the aspiring candidtates submits their nomination forms, the race may appear little crowded but ‘the  electoral campaign and the popular expecation so far has been crystalized around two major contenders’: the incumbent mayor, Talibeh Ahmed Bensouda of the United Democratic Party (UDP), and the Minister for Youth and Sport, Bakary Badjie of National People’s Party (NPP). The United Democratic Party (UDP) is the largest opposition party in the Gambia formed in 1996. In the recent concluded councilorship election in Kanifing, the UDP has defeated the National People’s Party in the race for ward councilors. NPP and UDP are the main contenders and rivals in the Gambia’s electoral landscape. In this edition, the Outpost Media chronicles the brief profiles o