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Suwaibou Touray Aims To Eradicate Poverty In Wuli East

      By Sheriff Saidykhan Suwaibou Touray, the National Assembly Member for Wuli East Constituency has aimed to eradicate poverty, through empowering the agrarian communities among other initiatives in Wuli East. It is against this backdrop, he initiated the Wuli East Development Initiative (WEDI), a community based development with the aim to supporting development initiatives in the Wuli East Constituency. “WEDI is a Community Based Organization which I initiated in 2017 for the purpose of supporting development initiatives in Wuli East Constituency. From 2017 to 2021, I continuously donate part of my sitting and other allowances received from the National Assembly to the WEDI which they use to support communities with development challenges relating to water, gardens, road maintenance, sport gears, fertilizer purchases and seeds,etc” he said. He said the rationale behind the initiative, is geared towards supporting vulnerable women gardeners. “So in 2022, the WEDI and I agreed to c

Gambian Journalist Wins Award

       By Sheriff Saidykhan  Ny ima Jadama, a Gambian Journalist based in Germany has been awarded by the AFRONEWS as the best African TV personality of the year 2022. The AFRONEWS, a newspaper for Africans in Germany, awards and celebrates outstanding achievements of Africans in different fields in Germany. The second edition of the African community in Germany awards was held over the weekend in the city of Eschborn in Frankfurt, Germany.   The Awards recognise the good work done by African Individuals, organisations/associations and businesses to promote a positive image of Africa and Africans, facilitate integration of Africans in Germany, promote business opportunities and international cooperation between Germany and African countries. Speaking to The Outpost, Nyima Jadama expressed delight and extended gratitude for winning the award.  “Being awarded the best African TV Personality 2022 is a great step forward  to my media career and I am greatful to all the support renderd towa

Yahya Sonko Critiques Mass Deportation of Gambian Migrants, Others

     By Sheriff Saidykhan Yahya Sonko, the founder of Nuimi fm and rights activist of Gambian migrants based in Germany, has Critiqued the mass deportations of Gambian migrants into the country. He said there is need for the government to reengage the European Union (EU), and revisit the mass deportations of Gambian migrants He made these remarks in a WhatsApp interview with The Outpost on Thursday 20th, October 2022.  “I think our government need to reengage the European Union, when it comes to deportation matters. The situation of our country is getting worst,” he decried. The reintegration of these migrants he said, has been put into deaf ears by the government, adding that it poses a security threat into the country. “What we should understand is that currently there are thousands of Gambians that are deported from Libya, Algeria and some parts of Europe. How many of them have sustainable reintegration,” he quizzed.  According to him, the 25 Gambian immigrants that are set to be de

Opinion| Inspiring Youngstars General Secretary, Gave His Reaction To The Mysterious Death Of The 66+ Babies

    By Musa Saidykhan For almost 8 years in the medical school, I was taught anatomy, physiology, and even histology in the first years of my medical journey. These periods were geared toward understanding the basic human structure and the functions of organ composition.  In addition, we were only introduced to the pathology of the organ systems after we were given the rare opportunity to interact with the patients and discuss with them their sufferings and their symptoms, with the help of our seniors to appreciate the signs of the diseases as well.  Briefly, it wasn’t nothing but to “NOT TO DO HARM” to our patients, soon after we start studying disease pathology and management, it was an act that we learn and passionately study and present ourselves to acquire the best training  and be always available to alleviate the sufferings of those that come under our care, together with other health care providers.  Shockingly, we surprisingly observed, the system that was meant to protect, pr

Founder of Inspiring Youngstars Bemoans The Death of 66+ Babies, Blames Gov’t of Negligence

  By Sheriff Saidykhan Alagie Ndow, the founder of Inspiring Youngstars, a non-profit organization have bemoaned the recent demised of 66+ babies, due to the mysterious cough syrup from India. He further blamed the government of negligence, for the poor medical and health system in the country. He made these remarks recently in an interview with The Outpost in his residence at Old Yundum, West Coast Region. “It is a shame that the system of governance in this country does not establish monitoring and evaluation in place to ensure harmful drugs are detected before been distributed in the country resulting to this tragic deaths of children. I think this might be the figures or data recorded who knows the how many more numbers of children pass out mysteriously out there. This is call negligence,” he argued. The mysterious death of the 66+ babies ensued nationwide backlash, many calling the government to revisit the medical regulatory body in the country.  He further decried the lack of pr

Sira Ndow Frowns On The Slow Motion of Justice for Victims

  Sira Ndow By Sheriff Saidykhan Sira Ndow, the Country Representative for the African Network against Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances (ANEKED) has frowned on the slow motion of Justice for Victims in the country. The governments lack of commitment she said, has hindered the prosecution process of perpetrators of the human rights abuses committed under the former government. She made these remarks with The Outpost recently at her office in Serrekunda. “It is said that justice delayed is justice denied so in that sense, we can say that the slow pace of government’s actions could be taken as justice being denied. If we are talking about justice in terms of criminal prosecutions, we expected to see more concrete steps being taken at this stage e.g. the formulation of a prosecution strategy at least but so far, all we seem to be getting is more verbal affirmation of government’s commitment to the process backed by very little action” she argued. She said there is need fo