Opinion| Inspiring Youngstars General Secretary, Gave His Reaction To The Mysterious Death Of The 66+ Babies


 By Musa Saidykhan

For almost 8 years in the medical school, I was taught anatomy, physiology, and even histology in the first years of my medical journey. These periods were geared toward understanding the basic human structure and the functions of organ composition.

 In addition, we were only introduced to the pathology of the organ systems after we were given the rare opportunity to interact with the patients and discuss with them their sufferings and their symptoms, with the help of our seniors to appreciate the signs of the diseases as well. 

Briefly, it wasn’t nothing but to “NOT TO DO HARM” to our patients, soon after we start studying disease pathology and management, it was an act that we learn and passionately study and present ourselves to acquire the best training  and be always available to alleviate the sufferings of those that come under our care, together with other health care providers. 

Shockingly, we surprisingly observed, the system that was meant to protect, prevent, and manage the illnesses of their patients was used as a death sentence for the youngest citizens of our country, who were deprived of the chance to arrive at their full potential as young energetic and determined men and women of our struggling country. 

Correct to say, it wasn’t the direct actions of first responders (Doctors and Nurses) but the authorities that govern the importation, regulation, and quality control of our medications, that it is of a good standard and quality fit for the consumption of the citizenry. 

The authorities without hesitation are no less than murderers, using  swords, knives, guns, and ammunition to quickly end the lives of its citizens. These victims of the healthcare failure were the innocent angels who were killed due to greed, corruption, and personal gains. Are they less than everyday criminals? 

However, the problem is squarely on the health care providers but unfair it will be, to label all categories of providers with the same pointer. The first responders should in fact be lauded and celebrated for ringing the alarm bell after establishing the then-new trend of acute kidney injury that is causing painful and preventable mortality to many of the children that were diagnosed with the new endemic. Was it fast enough to be caught? With the right resources, technology, and additional expertise it would have been noticed earlier.  

Finally, to say I’m saddened is an understatement, but the country cries  from the category of selfish, corrupt, unpatriotic few that could have done their  job to keep those babies alive. A swift response from the government is needed and anyone found wanting should face the full force of the law.

 The government and healthcare providers just like any other sector owe more to the population than they ought to serve themselves. A break of a chain of bad precedence is a good pace for progress! 

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Musa Saidykhan, Also Serve as the General Secretary At The Federation Of  African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA). 


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