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TRRC Recommends Prosecution of Jammeh, Others for Rape

  By Amadou Manjang The Truth Reconciliation and Reparations, Commission (TRRC) report recently submitted to President Adama Barrow, after months of investigating human rights violations under the former government, recommends former President Yahya Jammeh for raping Fatou Jallow (Toufa) and others. The Truth Commission stated that Yahya Jammeh has committed rape against Fatou Jallow (Toufa), and protected witness DB 18, adding that on Jammeh’s ordered witness FB 17 was rape by the Junglers. Protected witnesses are those whose identity were concealed during their testimonies at the Truth Commission public hearings for safety and privacy. The Truth Commission also recommended the prosecution of Ousman Sonko, for his role committing rape of Binta Jamba, 15 year old girl in Lamin Daranka and  protected witness F and the harassments of five female prison officers of The Gambia prison services. Jammeh’s hit squat the Junglers, are also recommended for prosecution, for raping and other forms

Late Muslim Cleric Remembered

By Sheriff Saidykhan    Sheick Seedia Darboe, the renowned late Islamic cleric was remembered by faith Muslims from different walks of life at an event held over the weekend at Medina Bakhalarr in the North Bank Region (NBR). The annual (Gaamo) of the late scholar is set aside to account his life and the miracle things he left behind for admiration by faith Muslims at all times.   The two days event attracted thousands of faith Muslims and scholars from across the region, to share historical knowledge of Islam. He was born at Nyonbato in Senegal, and later migrated to settled at Medina Bakhalarr. Up to date theirs no accurate year when he was born. He founded the settlement in 1937, with the view to spread Islam within North Bank Region and other Satelite villages. Addressing Muslims at the event. Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana, renowned scholar urged Muslims to be steadfast in their religious affairs and to follow the guidance of elders. He said the late cleric played an i

Momodou Ndow, expounds his views on the timber Casamance crisis

Casamance is essentially the place where you will find the last forest of Senegal, and it could dissapear entirely soon! According to experts, as of 2019, Casamance has lost over 10,000 hectares of its forest to illegal logging, approximately 1 million tress.  The Casamance forest arear covers a total of 30,000 hectares and is known for its rare tree species. The loss of 10 hectares accounts for 33 per cent Isn’t that frightening! This includes roosewood, which is particularly much in demand in China. The rapid growth of the wood industry in China has created tremendous demand.   China is currently the largest manufacturer of wooden furniture worldwide and the second largest manufacturer of paper products after the United States. Moreover, the construction and real estate industries in China, two of the largest consumers of wood products, have seen significant growth over the past five years. It is no secret that The Mouvement des Forces Democratique de la

Column | Are Foreign Troops on Gambian Territory Staying For Far Too Long For Their Own Good, Undoing All The Good They Have Done?

| The Truth About The Rapidly Thinning Boundary Between ECOMIG and Senegalese Government Foreign Policy Interests & Its Implications |      By Pa Louis Sambou   T he presence of foreign troops of whatsoever nationality, fold or grade, on any third country is an exceptional phenomenon which is bound to attract a considerable degree of curiosity from ordinary citizens. The fact that this is so in our case is not an exception at all. Besides, one of the benefits of living in an open democratic society is, it avails as of right and constitutional entitlement, the freedom for questions to be asked of matters of public interest which are not fully understood. In light of the active provocation of conflict between The Gambia and MFDC fighters in Senegal’s Casamance regions by the foreign troops in question, it is of paramount importance that hard-hitting questions be asked as to whether these foreign troops are staying far too long for their own good and undoing all the good they have don

Rural Bansang demands access to safe drinking water ahead of Parliamentary election

By ALIEU SUSSO  The residents of Bansang in the Central River Region (CRR) have demanded to have access to safe, clean drinking water. The womenfolf of this community has for the past months been facing difficulties to access clean, safe drinking water for their daily activities.   The community benefited from many taps tap, which according to the residents are not hygienic for safe drinking purposes. In the run up to the Parliamentary and local government elections, the inhabitants of Bansang called on the government to provide safe, clean drinking water for the community.   Aji Fatou, a resident in the community recounted on the periodic difficulties they encountered towards accessing the water. She said the whole community fetched water from one borehole constructed by one Samaritan without any charges.   She added: “But with all that, we paid those who are having wheelbarrow each gallon is costing D15. Imagine having 15 gallons I spent D225. Therefore