Late Muslim Cleric Remembered

By Sheriff Saidykhan 

 Sheick Seedia Darboe, the renowned late Islamic cleric was remembered by faith Muslims from different walks of life at an event held over the weekend at Medina Bakhalarr in the North Bank Region (NBR). The annual (Gaamo) of the late scholar is set aside to account his life and the miracle things he left behind for admiration by faith Muslims at all times. 

 The two days event attracted thousands of faith Muslims and scholars from across the region, to share historical knowledge of Islam. He was born at Nyonbato in Senegal, and later migrated to settled at Medina Bakhalarr. Up to date theirs no accurate year when he was born. He founded the settlement in 1937, with the view to spread Islam within North Bank Region and other Satelite villages.
Addressing Muslims at the event. Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana, renowned scholar urged Muslims to be steadfast in their religious affairs and to follow the guidance of elders. He said the late cleric played an instrumental role towards the advancement of Islam in the region. 

He added that, the late cleric has left a marked worthy of celebration. Sheick Abdou Qadir Darboe, the grandson of the late cleric thanked participants for their immense contribution to the event. The significance of the event, he said will enable Muslims to better understand the role of the late cleric towards the spread of Islam across the region. 

 He further explained the rational behind the three years and six months “khalwa” secluded prayers of the late Sheick Seedia Darboe. “The three years and six months of his secluded prayers, if theirs not much clarity of explanations about it one may not fully understand. His prime reason was to get closer to Allah. 

He was not the only one who has spent number of years in secluded prayers. He strongly devoted his entire life to Allah and towards guiding Muslims to be God fearing at all times” he concluded. 

 The late cleric died in 1952, still Muslims continue to remember his great achievements, and the indelible footprints he left behind as a reminder at all times.


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