Rural Bansang demands access to safe drinking water ahead of Parliamentary election


 The residents of Bansang in the Central River Region (CRR) have demanded to have access to safe, clean drinking water. The womenfolf of this community has for the past months been facing difficulties to access clean, safe drinking water for their daily activities. 

 The community benefited from many taps tap, which according to the residents are not hygienic for safe drinking purposes. In the run up to the Parliamentary and local government elections, the inhabitants of Bansang called on the government to provide safe, clean drinking water for the community. 

 Aji Fatou, a resident in the community recounted on the periodic difficulties they encountered towards accessing the water. She said the whole community fetched water from one borehole constructed by one Samaritan without any charges. 

 She added: “But with all that, we paid those who are having wheelbarrow each gallon is costing D15. Imagine having 15 gallons I spent D225. Therefore, in two weeks I spent D450 on water” she queried. Amadou Jallow, also a resident in the community expressed his disappointment in the previous regimes for their lack of non-intervention towards providing taps in the community. “I am dissapointed in all the previous regimes. Because politicians will come and promised you but when they left your community, they dropped all those promises which they made to you” he concluded. 

 At the time of going to press, this medium contacted the Public Relations Officer of NAWEC for an interview, to no availed.


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