Founder of Inspiring Youngstars Bemoans The Death of 66+ Babies, Blames Gov’t of Negligence


By Sheriff Saidykhan

Alagie Ndow, the founder of Inspiring Youngstars, a non-profit organization have bemoaned the recent demised of 66+ babies, due to the mysterious cough syrup from India. He further blamed the government of negligence, for the poor medical and health system in the country.

He made these remarks recently in an interview with The Outpost in his residence at Old Yundum, West Coast Region.

“It is a shame that the system of governance in this country does not establish monitoring and evaluation in place to ensure harmful drugs are detected before been distributed in the country resulting to this tragic deaths of children. I think this might be the figures or data recorded who knows the how many more numbers of children pass out mysteriously out there. This is call negligence,” he argued.

The mysterious death of the 66+ babies ensued nationwide backlash, many calling the government to revisit the medical regulatory body in the country. 

He further decried the lack of proper medical laboratory to effectively test the efficacy of drugs in the country.

“Take a look at our health system, we cannot even examine blood samples in our own country. Our country does not even have testing equipment to detect such important health related problems, instead health practitioners relied on blind treatments for its citizens, this is sad, we should have been a model country for other African countries to learn from,” he said. 

He added: “Take a look at the wellbeing of children in our Gambian society, children continue to be at risk of health-related problems, hunger and to say the worst Gambia is found to be among the least childly-friendly county in African with little attention given to safeguarding their wellbeing by the government, this ranges from health, education, social and environment. Let me say this any civilization society that negates the wellbeing of its society, especially children, youths and women, that society will struggle to move forward for greater progress” he concluded.


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