Sira Ndow Frowns On The Slow Motion of Justice for Victims


Sira Ndow

By Sheriff Saidykhan

Sira Ndow, the Country Representative for the African Network against Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances (ANEKED) has frowned on the slow motion of Justice for Victims in the country.

The governments lack of commitment she said, has hindered the prosecution process of perpetrators of the human rights abuses committed under the former government. She made these remarks with The Outpost recently at her office in Serrekunda.

“It is said that justice delayed is justice denied so in that sense, we can say that the slow pace of government’s actions could be taken as justice being denied. If we are talking about justice in terms of criminal prosecutions, we expected to see more concrete steps being taken at this stage e.g. the formulation of a prosecution strategy at least but so far, all we seem to be getting is more verbal affirmation of government’s commitment to the process backed by very little action” she argued.

She said there is need for the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators, in order to ensure Justice for victims.

“For perpetrators to face justice, my understanding is that the government must arrest and charge them, investigate and then take them to court” she said.

She said they are pursuing their advocacy role, towards engaging the government for the implementation of the TRRC recommendations.

“On our side, we are continuing the advocacy and working to engage the  government and partners through various channels and methods that will keep the implementation of the recommendations on the front burner” she remarked.

She added: “Additionally, we are actively engaging with and keenly following other countries that have apprehended perpetrators and are prosecuting or investigating them under the principle of universal jurisdiction and are providing whatever support we can give.

We are also aware that as victims, we too have the right to seek redress at any competent court on our own. ANEKED has supported four victims in filing cases against the government in the past few years. This option is still on the table for victims, especially if the pace does not pick up” she concluded.



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