Editorial | OIC: A Nation In Emotion Of Distress


Emotions are wrapped up during and after the just concluded two days summit, of the Organisation Of Islamic Conference Summit (OIC) in Gambia.

A country whose people are expected to participate actively during the build up of the event to make it successful, many were seen in their various funeral mode of distress, due to the poor planning of the summit.

Top on the agenda of discourse of the summit, was the Hamas - Gaza conflict, which bears little or no significance to the general masses. 

The OIC was/is greeted with mix emotions in the country, whose people are still battling with many crisis; chief among which is the cost of living crisis. It was alleged that corruption malfeasance was rampant leading up to the OIC summit.

A man is a needing animal, and the basic need is as physiological - food sufficiency, development and security. It is a widely held conviction that, a starving man will forgo his need for self-interest in order to get food. 

An adage says ‘when you are on the breadline, bread is important’. The Barrow administration is under butt of immense pressure of criticisms, of the government's poor performance, with the already listed challenges still unresolved.

The plight of the agrarian communities, the unemployed youths, cost of living, security and development have all added to to the growing problems in the country.

The aftermath of the OIC, If properly done, would be beneficial to the ordinary Gambians but overlooking everything it seems, the politicians and their cronies will take all the credit; their business associates will profit and others will mine opportunities that come with networking. I doubt Mba Mariama in Bijilo who sells vegetables at the market will gain anything.


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