‘The younger generation will appreciate us better if’- says Adama Barrow



By Sheriff Saidykhan

Adama Barrow, the President of The Gambia said the young generation will appreciate them if they mapout the future of comfort, peace and happiness. 

He made these remarks yesterday at the 58th Independence day anniversary, with the Theme “Democracy- A Recipe For Peace and Development. The event held at the McCarthy Square in Banjul, was attended by government officials,  foreign diplomats, regional governor's and different political party leaders.

“The younger generation will appreciate us better if we construct a future of comfort, peace, and happiness for them. This is what democracy offers,” he said.

He further urged Gambians to unite their social and political differences through democracy saying “Fortunately, our differences can be harmonised by democracy as a political system and a social process in our family systems, communities, institutions, organisations and the nation at large” he remarked. 

He said his government has committed itself to unite the people, and to work closely in tandem; for peace and development.

“My government is determined to unite the people to work together for peace and development and leave behind durable achievements,” he said.

On Peace

He further reminded Gambians to be law-abiding citizens, and work together to shoulder the burden of peace across different social and political strata.

“The Law provides a level playing field for all citizens; as such, living by the Law ensures that we do not offend anyone and, thereby, co-exist in peace and harmony. 

In this sense, peace must imply living in a safe environment where lives and property are protected, and hunger, poverty, and disease do not cause any suffering. Through our thoughts and actions, peace must also filter through to every segment of our communities, families, and institutions,” he advised. 

On Cost of Living

President Barrow said his government has put significant strides to reduce the price of fuel, and basic commodities.

“My government took strides to ease the accompanying hardship imposed on the people. We took various steps to lower the price of fuel, which has implications on business transactions and the price of commodities,” he boasted.


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