Breaking: Passengers stranded at Banjul ferry terminal

By Sheriff Saidykhan

Passengers crossing from Banjul to Barra are currently stranded at the Banjul ferry terminal since in the morning.

Lamin K. Jammeh, a frequent traveller at the Banjul terminal said passengers are stranded outside, due to technical failures from the ferry service.

“Hundreds of people sitting and others standing outside the waiting room at the Banjul ferry crossing terminal, for more than five hours without crossing to Barra due to technical failure” he said.

The predicaments faced by passengers he said, compelled many passengers to take boats to cross.

He said the unfavorable climate at the ferry terminal, forced many passengers to postpone their trip.

He added: “Several attempts were made to pull the Kunta Kinteh ferry but the attempts didn't pay any dividends, due to an old rope they were using. Passengers are now using boats to cross to Barra which is very risky because of the heavy wind in the sea. Some decided to postpone their journey till  tomorrow hence they have already lost confidence of crossing today” he concluded.


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