OPINION | Presidential election 2021, lessons for UDP



 Key Takeaways Why UDP Lost 

By Alieu Susso

The outcome of the Presidential election was greeted with shocked for many people in The Gambia and abroad. Below are the resultant factors why UDP lost the election.

UNTAME BEHAVIOUS: The administration of United Democratic Party did not take responsibility to address some of the indecent behavior's from their party supporters. The frequent used of hate and bigotry sentiments towards certain individuals and groups were not address by the party. 


Their ill advised disrespect of religious leaders, most especially the Supreme Islamic Council. Many of their supporters threatened to dissolved the Council if they come to power. Though these rhetorics may not come from the administrative level of the party. The lack of intervention from the Executive of the party towards condemning such actions also contributed to their defeat. 


  Online social media messages and comments also contributed a lot towards tarnishing the image of the party. Whilst others out of the political box also perceived the party as an ethnolinguistic party. These has also triggered fears among some undecided voters, switching to vote President Barrow for another second term.

Gambians have decided to vote for President Barrow, with great anticipation of system change. 

About the Author

Alieu Susso, is a seasoned wood trader. Mr. Susso has contributed significantly towards social justice. He is a regular contributor to social and political issues of The Gambia.   

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