CSO urges opposition candidates to seek legal action, reminds them of the Peace Accord

By Amadou Manjang

Opposition leaders urged to seek redress rightfully

John Charles Njie, Chairman of the Association of Non Governmental Organization (TANGO) has urged the opposition presidential candidates to seek redress at the court, following IEC announcement of President Barrow, as the winner of the Presidential election.

He said: “December 4th is free, fair and transparent throughout as observed and reported by observers,” he said.

He added that the election was done in an atmosphere of transparency, adding that the election was free and fair.

He called on the presidential candidates to reflect on the Janjanbureh Peace Accord to seek legal and peaceful redress or any disagreement.

He made these remarks over the weekend, in a joint statement of Civil Society Organization held at Coco Ocean in Bijilo. 

He said that they noted the rejection of election results by UDP, GDC and Essa Faal, however they have also recognized their constitutional right to seek redress legally.


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