“Low vaccine uptake surges COVID-19 cases”- says Modou Njai


By Alimatou S Bajinka

Modou Njai, the Director of Health Promotion and Education at the Ministry of Health, who doubles as the chairperson of the risk communication and community engagement of the covid-19 public response, has said that low uptake of coronavirus vaccine has plummeted cases of the virus.

He made these remarks during an interview with The Outpost on Tuesday 11th January 2022, at his office in Kotu.

“Low uptake of covid-19 vaccine and the movement of people in an out of the country, causes the recent surge in covid-19 cases” he said.

The covid-19 measures prescribed by the WHO he said, has not been observed by the public. This according to him, has increased cases of COVID-19 

“Protocols and precautionary measures are no more observed by people. There where hand wash buckets in many houses and public places, but all those are no more seen anywhere. People are no more washing there hands and wearing face masks. Many are reluctant in taking the vaccine. There are no control at the border. The borders are open and the flights are operating, these are responsible for the rise in cases of covid-19” he observed.

Mr. Njai further stated that his Ministry has put in place measures towards tackling the surge of covid-19 cases.

“The ministry is ensuring that all the treatment centres are fully supported, and well trained staff are provided and making sure that they are given all the support needed in fighting the virus” said Modou Njai.

He added that the Ministry have improved many thematic areas, from case management to logistics components and laboratory's. 

He affirmed that all these areas have been strengthened by his ministry.  

“We even expanded our samples collection centres. It was previously done in two places; at the stadium and Turntable but we recently added another one which is at the GTBoard, mainly for tourists who are in the country to have easy access” he remarked. 

The response treatment of  coronavirus on patients he said, is currently underway.

“Those that are tested positive but do not manifest any signs or symptoms are asked to self-isolate themselves in their homes, and those that manifest symptoms are taking to the isolation centres” he said.

He added: “We have also expanded the testing centres. It is now done in most of the major hospitals and general hospitals in the country. We also make sure to strengthening points of entry that is the airport, seaport and all other points of entry. We make sure that all the staff at the points of entry are trained and well equipped so that the movement of people can be monitored in an out of the country” he concluded.                  


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