GALGA Calls Government to Rescind Decision on Allocation Of Stalls


By Sheriff Saidykhan

The Gambia Association of Local Government Authorities (GALGA) called on the government of President Adama Barrow to rescind its decision for the allocation of stalls at the newly constructed Basse market, in the Upper River Region (URR). 

Landing B. Sanneh, the President of Gambia Association of Local Government Authorities said the pronouncement of the President is contrary to the dictates of the Local Government Act 2002.

He made these remarks at a press briefing held on Thursday 17 March 2022, at its main office in Tabokoto.

“We the Local Government Authorities of The Gambia, comprising Chairmen and Mayor's of all the eight Area, Municipal and City Council's, have considered this announcement by the President as contrary to the dictates of the Local Government Act, 2022 and the powers vested on Basse Area Councils by the Act. The announcement has the potential of destabilizing and compromising smooth relations between the URR Regional Governor's Office and Basse Area Council, and by extension, to other Regions and Local Government Area” he said.

Readers could recalled that President Adama Barrow, recently made an announcement during the inauguration of the market that, the Governor of URR will be responsible for the allocation of the stalls at the market.

He further described the decision of the President assigning the Governor of URR for the allocation of stalls as an infringement to the mandated functions of the council.

“Considering the functions and responsibilities of Basse Area Council as per the Local Government Act 2002, the President's decision to assign the URR Governor to lead the allocation of canteen's at the new Basse market is by far, one of the highest infringements of the legally mandated functions of the council's, alongside the unwarranted humiliation of the person of Chairman Danjo. Such are unfashionable and not in fact, a best practice in maturely organized public institutional settings” he concluded. 


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