TRRC Recommendations: Jammeh to “Be Investigated and Prosecuted” For murder, Disappearance, and Torture of Journalists


By Amadou Manjang

The Truth Commission recommended that former President, Yahya Jammeh should be investigated and prosecuted for the murder of Deyda Hydara, the disappearance of Chief Ebrima Manneh, the arson attacks on Radio 1 FM and The Independent newspaper as well as torture on journalists’. 

The commission's report stated that an investigation be carried out for the purpose of prosecuting the Junglers who participated in the murder of Deyda Hydara, arson attack on Radio 1 FM, attacks on The Independent newspaper and torture of the journalists and other persons mentioned in relation to the Freedom Online Newspaper issue.

The commission has uncovered the killing, torture, disappearance of journalists and other Gambians for expressing their freedom of speech.

“A study be carried out on the Criminal Code and the Criminal Offenses Bill 2020 and the Criminal Procedure Bill 2019 with a view to removing/repealing or amending any provisions contained in it that are repressive or unduly restrictive or inimical to freedom of expression and of the press in a democratic society,” the commission further recommended for media freedom. 

The report stated that there should be a review of domestic laws relating to the media and carry out a comprehensive review of the regime with a view to bringing the Gambia’s laws regulating the media in line with international standards and international best practice.

“Such a review shall include the National Media and Communication Act 2002, The Newspaper Registration and Broadcasting Act, and the Information and Communication Act 2009,” the report concluded.


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