TRRC Recommends Prosecution of NIA Officials, Banned Others


By Amadou Manjang

On the Institutional hearings of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the Truth Commission has recommended the prosecution of NIA top officials for various human rights violations they carried out in their deparment.

The recommendations details on the Truth Commission report, volume 13 recommends the prosecution of the following individuals.

“Yankuba Badjie, the former Director General of the NIA and Sheikh Omar Jeng be prosecuted for their complicity in the unlawful detention and torture of Tumani Jallow and Abdoulie Gaye at the NIA and for their roles in handing over Tumani Jallow and Abdoulie Gaye to the Junglers knowing reasonably well that they were highly likely to be tortured and killed. 

Badjie, Sheik Omar Jeng and Tamba Masireh be prosecuted for their role in the torture against Solo Sandeng and the April 14th 2016 UDP demonstrators at the NIA. 

Edrissa Jobe (Alagie Morr) be prosecuted for the torture against Lamin Karbou and others at the NIA. 

Lamin Darboe, the head of the Special Operations Unit, be prosecuted for his role in all the tortures committed by Special Operations at the NIA. 

Basiru Sey, Alasan Baldeh and Gibril Kanyi be reprimanded for all the tortures they committed as members of the Special Operations Unit. 

Lt.Col Amadou Bojang, Ebrima Ceesay, Babucarr Trawally, Alpha Bojang and Babucarr Singhateh for the torture and unlawfull detention of Pa Alasan Jallow, Ebrima Keita and Musa Fofana. 

Ousman Sowe, the current Director General, be banned from holding public office with the government of The Gambia for a minimum period of 10 years, for the destruction and concealment Of evidence at the NIA” the report revealed.

The report further list the officials who directly or indirectly participated in the torture of detainees and other gross human rights violations

“Lamin Bo Baaji ,  Tejan Bah, Foday Barry ,  Ebrima Jim Drammeh ,  Salimina Drammeh,  Momodou Hydara ,  Ousman Jallow ,  Lamin Jobarteh ( Babadinding) ,  Baba Saho  has been recommended to be banned from holding any public office with the government of The Gambia for a minimum of 10 years” the report stated.

“The Commission believes commensurate with the severity of their actions,” the reports added. 

The Truth Commission’s report further recommends “Harry Smbou and Samsideen Sarr be banned from holding public office for five years for their participation in the torture of Omar Dampha and Ballo Kanteh respectively” according to the report.

The NIA was used by the former president Yahya Jammeh to brutalize, torture, murder and neutralize political opponents.


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