Peace Hub Embark On Nationwide Youth Leadership Forum

By Alimatou S Bajinka

Peace Hub The Gambia (PHTG) has on Monday 11 April 2022, embarked on a nationwide Youth Leadership Forum.

The Nationwide Youth Leadership Forum(YLF) is Supported by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund through UNFPA The Gambia.

Mr. Bakary Sonko, Peace Hub The Gambia National Programme Coordinator, highlights the importance of Nationwide Youth Leadership Forum(YLF) to the young people and women.

“In the modern generation, young people and women are critical constituents for innovative and participatory leadership. Given the numbers they constitute in our society, young people and women should be at the heart of governance, leadership and development for sustainability. Therefore, an initiative such as YLF will foster the shaping emerging young and women leaders in regions across the country,” he said.

Mr Sonko explains that, in this Youth Leadership Forum, Peace Hub The Gambia will organize town hall meetings across all the regions of the country and one major meeting in Banjul targeting 50 participants in each of the regions in the country. 

He added that, these sessions will target Women, youth and older generation especially veteran politicians to discuss the way forward and reflect on the lessons to inspire a very strong youth force in political participation.

The Youth Leadership Forum is aim at creating  platform for young potential, and emerging leaders in civic and ethical leadership, accountability, communication and community service. 

According to Mr. Sonko, the Youth Leadership Forum will explore innovative ways of creating a hub for the advancement of youth and women participation in decision making processes in The Gambia. 

 Peace Hub The Gambia, is a peace building and social cohesion network, established in 2020, seeks to create a conducive environment for young people in peace building, social cohesion and reconciliation to support and strengthen the gains of Gambia's Transitional Justice.



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