Inside Inspiring Young Stars Full-Circle Learning


By Sheriff Saidykhan 

Amid the growing demand for quality education in the country, Inspiring Young Stars, a non-profit organisation have launched the full-Circle learning (FCL) in various schools.

Full-Circle Learning, as an independent organization, exists to help young people for them to embrace their roles as society’s humanitarians and change agents. 

Educators from almost every continent have discovered their capacity to transform their communities through Full-Circle Learning teacher training programs and direct service to students and schools. 

This reporter was given a rare glimpse of various schools that benefitted from the Full-Circle Learning. At the Royal Seeds Academy school in Tallinding over 57 students benefited from the Full-Circle Learning.  The students and teachers met the participants to familiarise themselves on a field-trip at the convent and a tour at the Bundung Maternal and Child Health  Care Hospital facility to see first hand how many cases come to the hospital, what they are given and how they are handled.

Royal Seeds Academy

The head of the malnutrition ward Mr. Manjang  Jammeh, from the Bundung Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital  gave an in-depth overview on malnutrition, the cases, how to identify a malnourished child, what to do and where to go help.

Royal Seeds Academy students on a field trip

The unlettered women also participated to the scheme at the Royal Seeds Academy school with their children to share their experiences, and to device preventive measures on malnutrition. 

The significance of the project he said, will enable him to initiate similar program to other schools, in the drive towards eradicating poverty. 

“This project has given me an idea on What I can initiate and do with other schools on a long term basis. This way the young can avoid the pit falls of the old thereby reducing or totally eradicating poverty” he posited. 

Alagie Ndow, the country facilitator of the Full-Circle Learning conducted a daylong teachers training at Jalanbang Lower Basic school. He thanked  Dr. Teresa Langness, the founding board President of the Full-Circle Learning for supporting this programs

Alagie Ndow

Over 40 teachers participated in the scheme with the main focused of managing conflict in the classroom. The school secured the community garden to better the livelihoods of students, whose parents are reeling to buy daily bread for their children. 

An anonymous student underscored the significance of the initiative  saying “The garden is very important for us. I am happy to participate in the garden because when we harvest from here it will be cool for us to have launch. Since our parents don't have money to buy bread everyday” he said. 

Jalanbang school garden

Alagie Ndow, the country coordinator of the Full--Circle Learning further assessed the gains made from the since its inception.  

“As part of my visit in monitoring the community school garden projects, it is gradually looking good at the moment. At the Wellingara school our Full-Circle Learning coordinator recieved training materials to support new teachers at the school. In the North Bank Region I visited the Sajuka Lower Basic school. I worked with Mr. Sallah on environmental projection,” he concluded. 

Jalanbang school


Jalanbang garden

Dr. Teresa Langness, founding board president of the Full--Circle Learning


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