IYS Empowers Students Into Learning


By Sheriff Saidykhan

Inspiring Young Stars (IYS), a non-profit organization has over the past years been active at the forefront towards championing good quality education to students across the West Coast Region (WCR). 

The organization has a community based library at Abuko, geared towards engaging students into reading, poetry and learning. The founder of Inspiring Youngsters Alagie Ndow, has acknowledged that education is the driving force for sustainable development and poverty eradication.    

“I firmly believe education is the best pathway out of poverty and will continue to work and collaborate with all of you to pursue our common visions in further development, expanding and achieving our mission in creating a safe space for all children and girls through our educational programs in communities in The Gambia and beyond” he said.

Alagie Ndow CEO

He further praised the significant strides of the library since its inception.

“Between February 2016 and December 2021 more than 2,700 learners have benefitted from our library services, making it a significant contribution to their education and our data show's over 78 per cent of them are girls” he remarked.

He added:“Over the past 6yeare we have worked directly with 890 young girls through Inspiring Girls Stars (IG-stars), a branch of the organization that unites and inspires girls to build their leadership skills, teach them to have a voice, build self-confidence, and become decision makers and agents of change,” he concluded. 


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