“Overspeeding Is The Causes of Road Accidents” Says Founder of Safe Life Gambia



By Sheriff Saidykhan    


Dawda Bah, the founder of Safe Life Gambia, a non-profit organization set up to ease the burden of road accidents said overspeeding is the main causes of frequent road accidents in the country. He made these remarks with The Outpost on Wednesday, 14th September 2022 at his residence in Tujereng.


 “The common causes of road accidenac in The Gambia is as à result of over-speeding. Many drivers do not know where to overtake and when they did, they want to immediately join the lane whiles the  vehicle in front also increase speed or does not allow the overtaking,” he said.

The influence of drug substance by young drivers he said, has contributed to the increase in road accidents in the country.

“Secondly, driving under the influence of substances is also another challenge on our roads. Many young drivers consume intoxicant substances such as harmful pills, cannabis, and alchole” he remarked.

Lack of awareness between the motorists and pedestrians he said, has added another problem on the roads.

“The culture and attitudes by both the motorists and pedestrians is also another burden issue on our roads. Motorists feel more rightious when on the road likewise the pedestrians. Lack of awareness is costing a lot” he said.

He added: “We are in to initiatives that will make change. Currently we are creating projects.

With our upcoming Safe Route To School Programme, many traffic officers are expected to be part of it. We are working hard to support the authorities on series areas that will bring solutions on our roads,” he concluded.


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