Environmentalist warns indiscriminate waste dumping, others


By Sheriff Saidykhan

Fanta F. Jabbi, an environmentalist at the ministry of agriculture has warned the general public against the indiscriminate waste dumping in the environment, a tendency which she said can lead to environmental degradation. 

“Indiscriminate disposal of wastes especially those from plastics and plastic products can lead to environmental pollution evident in several ways including environmental natural beauty deterioration, entanglement and death of aquatic organisms, sewage system blockage especially within the crowded urban settlements like the west coast and greater Banjul areas resulting in creating conducive environment for breeding mosquitoes and other disease causing vectors as well as the production of foul smells, reduction in water percolation and normal agricultural soils aeration thus causing reduced productivity in such areas,” she said.

Speaking to The Outpost in an interview, the environmentalist said waste dumping has become a commonplace in many parts of the urban areas. 

She said there is need for active environmental sound policies, for the safety and conservation of the environment.

“To combat and curb persistent disposal of waste products in the environment, there is need for realistic policies which must be properly followed and enforced as well as putting up of measures and action plans for proper waste management and recycling within the communities,” she posited. 

She added: “There is also a need to put up efforts to educate the general populace on the potential environmental and public health effect of pollution by inappropriate waste disposal. This will go a long way to reduce the pollution rate and preserve the quality of the environment. There is need for people to be aware of the chemical constituents of certain  waste products such as plastics and their health effects. Educational curriculums at different levels must include ways of waste reduction and waste management systems as information resources,” she concluded.


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