“Gambian Migrant Allegedly killed At Refugee Camp”- says Public Prosecutor in Stuttgart, Germany




 A 25-year-old Gambian migrant was killed by one of his Gambian counterpart  at a Sielmingen refugee camp in Reutlingen, Germany. Dawda Jallow, the deceased was stabbed to death by one of his Gambian mate name (withheld) on Sunday 6, November 2022. 

According to the release from the Public Prosecutor's office in Stuttgart, the deceased was badly injured during a dispute with the assailant. The deceased could not survive the severity of the injury, and he died subsequently.

 “At around 8.30 a.m., residents of the accommodation had called the emergency services and police control centers and reported that a man had been seriously injured.  The emergency services found the 25-year-old in a room with several severely bleeding injuries.  Despite immediate resuscitation measures, the man's life could not be saved.  Initial investigations on the spot revealed a suspicion of a 26-year-old Gambian who lives in the building but could no longer be found there” the statement stated. 

The statement further indicated that the assailant came to the Filderstadt police station, and stated that he had an argument with his Gambian counterpart.

“The suspect came to the Filderstadt police station on his own initiative and stated that he had had an argument with his 25-year-old compatriot.  He was provisionally arrested.  The criminal police have taken over the investigation into the course of events and the background, which is still ongoing at the moment” according to the statement.

Yayha Sonko, a migration activist based in Germany, said it was an unfortunate incident. He further urged Gambian migrants living in Germany to be mindful in emotional situations.

“My advice would be for Gambians to be very mindful in situation like this this some people cannot control their anger. If you know you cannot control your emotions kindly move out,” he advised.



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