London Corner Residents Lament Concern over Access to Road


By Sheriff Saidykhan & Amadou Manneh

The residents of London Corner especially those near the water-channel have lamented their growing predicaments  over access to road in the past two days. 

The residents stated that the rain of the past two days have prevented them from going out of their houses.

They also stated that they are finding it difficult to go to the shop or market because the roads are filled with stagnant waters.

They further adduced that, if any heavy downpour occur the water will cause floods in their homes and houses.

Bintou Bah,  a resident said the rain of the past two days haven’t flooded in their house yet but it has blocked their roads.

Bintou’s house was flooded in the last August flash flood  that caused deaths and destruction  across the country.  


She said that the water channel  has been unsafe for residents to go out and about, because it is dangerous to walk in the potholes fill with dirty waters.

Nyima Barjo another resident in the area said that her grandmother’s house was flooded but it hasn’t cause  any damage of properties.

“The problem is that we are finding it difficult to access road to the market or to the shop because all the roads are fill with water,” she said.

She concluded that the road is flooded because the flooding water is not smoothly flooding through the channel. Adding that it rather floods on their roads making it difficult to go out to the market or shop anytime it rains.


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