National Nutrition Grandee Assures AOHJ Of Support



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The newly-elected executives of the Association of Health Journalists, (AoHJ) recently, paid a courtesy call to the Officials of the National Nutrition Agency, (NaNa) headed by the executive Director, Malang N. Fofana, to formally introduce themselves and as well as to forward their activity plans for the year 2024 - 2025.

The executives were Sally Jarjue the President, Secretary General Ousman A. Marong, Assistance Secretary General Sheriff Saidykhan and Treasurer Bakary Manneh.

Addressing the executives, the Executive Director, of NaNA, Malang N. Fofana expressed gratitude for receiving the AoHJ executives. 

He assured the executives of his agency's support in all AoHJ's activities adding that there will be more capacity-building trainings for AoHJ members.

“Your request for the capacity building training is in line with policies and strategies. We will work on that together. What we need is for you to formalize things and back them with a draft MoU. We have platforms that we want you to fill by identifying a permanent member from your executive. One of these platforms is the UN Commission Advisory Committee which is headed by heads of institutions that meet quarterly to share ideas, especially exchange programs, challenges and the way forward in the various areas of sensitive and intervention areas in the country”.

He continued: "As AoHJ executive members it would be important for you to secure a seat in such a committee. The National Food Fortification is also a good platform where we will need your representation. Be rest assured that as an institution you have our backing. We are more than willing to work with you. This courtesy call is in the right direction,” he concluded. 

On her part, Sally Jarju president of the Association of Health Journalists, AoHJ, said the visit was part of efforts to strengthen the longstanding partnership between AoHJ and NaNA.

“We are here to strengthen our partnership with you. We want you to consider that we are part of you,” she said. 

Ousman A. Marong, Secretary-General of the Association of Health Journalists, AoHJ, highlighted AoHJ's action plans for 2024 - 2025. 

“I want to start with our action plans for AoHJ 2024 - 2025 and the areas I believe we can collaborate and give each other the necessary support to push the frontiers of development. The areas are capacity-building training for AoHJ members. We also expect health experts to break down some of the key health terms and terminologies during their engagement with journalists. This will create more understanding for the journalists to report accurately and clearly. There should be quarterly sensitization health programs for journalists. We want your institution's support for us (AoHJ), to have its website where only health stories will be published and stories published on the site by individual journalists can be submitted for entry in our planned annual Health Reporting Award with the Director of Health Promotion under the office of the Directorate of Health Promotion,” he concluded.


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