Senegal election: Campaign ends ahead of election


Photo credit: SenTV

Team Oupost

Campaign have ended ahead of Sunday's presidential election. Seventeen contenders are running for the election.

The election is widely seen between the two main contenders Amadou Ba, of the Government party candidate and Bassirou Diomaye FAYE of the Opposition defunct PASTEF party. 

Earlier last month, President Macky Sall announced the postponement of the  February 24th election, citing irregularities of some candidates. 

His pronouncement sparked many civil unrest. The Supreme Court rejected his moved and called on him to organise fresh election. 

Diomaye Faye is the backup candidate of Ousmane Sonko, after their party was dissolved in November last year by Macky Sall to formed a coalition.

The duo were released last week after Macky Sall granted amnesty to political prisoners. 

Many young voters are seeing Amadou Ba as a continuity of President Macky Sall, saying Bassirou Diomaye Faye will sweep the polls.


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