Diomaye Faye’s Speech: System change, economic and social progress


By Sheriff Saidykhan

President Bassirou Diomaye Faye said there's need for systemic change, to sustainably put Senegal on the path of economic and social progress.

He made these remarks on Tuesday during his inaugural speech held at the Abdou Diouf International Center. The event saw the attendance of President Adama Barrow and other state dignitaries.

“I am aware that the results coming out of the polls expressed a deep desire for systemic change. Through my election, the Senegalese people are committed to the path of creating a just Senegal, a prosperous Senegal in a progressing Africa. And in this work of building a new Senegal, I will work tirelessly to preserve peace and national cohesion. I will keep in mind that our most precious resource remains the stability of our country. I will mobilize the Senegalese here and in the diaspora around a unifying national project and guide towards a peaceful future. I am committed by promoting the cult of work, the ethics of management, discipline and love of the homeland to resolutely and sustainably put Senegal on the path to economic and social progress,” he promised.


On Africa

President Diomaye Faye said Africa faces the scale of many security challenges that require the need for greater solidarity. He further reaffirms Senegal's commitment to strengthening efforts for peace, security, stability and African integration.

“On the African level, the scale of the security challenges and the many challenges that we face require us to show greater solidarity. I clearly hear the voice of the uninhibited elites who say loud and clear our common aspirations for more sovereignty, development and well-being. Alongside my African peers, I reaffirm Senegal's commitment to strengthening efforts for peace, security, stability and African integration” he said.

He added: “To friendly and partner countries, I reiterate Senegal's commitment and openness to exchanges RESPECTFULof our SOVEREIGNTY in accordance with the aspirations of our people in a mutually winning partnership. Senegal under my teaching will be a country of hope, a peaceful country with independent justice and a strengthened democracy. This is my promise on the strength of the oath that I have just sworn before God and before the Nation in your presence,” he concluded.


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