Armed Robbers Attack, Rob Kabiro Camara's Filling Station In Essau

Armed robbers stormed the premises of Kabiro Camara's filling station in Essau, North Bank Region and made away with an undisclosed (substantial), amount of money.

Sources said: “In the wee hours of Sunday, at about 3: 00 Am local time unknown armed robbers with assault raffles and pistols, invaded the fuel station and opened the main gate for his colleague's assailants to join the expedition while a gate-away car waited on the main Farafenni Highway also known as Essau turntable”.

The robbers did not only stop at making away with substantial amounts of money but also deepening half of the fuel tank. The youths of Niumi particularly Essau are calling on all and sundry to be vigilant and report any suspected causes of petty fuel selling from individuals. They promised a lofty amount of money to anyone who may find the culprits.

At the time of going to press efforts were made to reach out to the police, PRO, but remained futile.

This is a developing story and Niumi FM, will continue to follow the incident to unearth the truth.

Source: Nuimi FM 


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